Our Members

Montello Rotary Club is one of over 60 Clubs affiliated in District 6270. We currently have 19 Rotary Club members and meet once a week. Below you will find a listing of each and a brief bio.

Donna Richards

Current President, Coordinator of Aging and Disability Resource Centers; member since 2009.


Bette Krueger

Past President and Youth Exchange Organizer; Register of Deeds.


Paul Kearns

Past President; member since 1998; Lumber Industries.


Bill Bordihn

Current Treasurer; member since 1998; Retired Highway Engineer, Paul Harris Fellow.


Chris Dumke

Past President; member since 2007; President of Youth Committee Chair; Loan Officer, National Exchange Bank &Trust.

  • National Exchange Bank

    Ben Bult

    Member since 2000; Attorney


    Paul Calamari

    Past President; member since 2005; Lodging Owner.


    Mike Crawford

    Member since 2008; Funeral Director.

  • Crawford Funeral Home

    Roger Klug

    Past President; Past Vice-President; Past Secretary; Past Treasurer; Past Youth Exchange Organizer; Northland Community Services, Inc.; Paul Harris Fellow.


    Bill Lind

    Past President; member since 2010; Owner, Holiday Shopping Center; Paul Harris Fellow.

  • Holliday Shopping Center

    Jon Matthew

    Psychologist; member since 1992; Paul Harris Fellow.


    Leo McLaughlin

    Current Secretary; Member since 2009.


    Irene Quandt

    Past board member; member since 1988; Officer; Committee chair; Chiropractor; Paul Harris Fellow.


    Ken Ramminger

    Member since 1986; Sr. Active; Paul Harris Fellow.


    Chad Hendee

    Member since January 2012; Marquette County District Attorney.


    Emily Stevenson

    Member since 2006; Loan Officer for First National Bank.


    Richard Wright

    Past President; member since 1975; Board member; Circuit Judge; Paul Harris Fellow.


    Dan Klawitter

    Member since; 2011. Chairman of Moraine Park Technical College for 16years; Board member from 1989 to 2005. Elder at Divine Savior Lutheran Church. D.C.P (Hospital) Chairman 12 years. Fon Du Lac County Board for 36 years. Finance committee; 13years.